Sunday, April 10, 2011

Magic Love Stories & Magic Love Wallpapers

There was a little boy whose 1st love was a young girl in a picture which he found and picked from the street...
As time went by he got married,
But still kept it.
One day,his wife found it and asked,
"Where did u get this?"
The man said,
"I kept that since I was a child,
But why r U asking?"
The girl replied,
"I lost this picture when I was 7..."

Little Girl And Her Father Were Crossing A Bridge.
The Father Was Kind Of Scared So He Asked His Little Daughter,
Sweetheart, Please Hold My Hand So That You Don't Fall Into The River.
The Little Girl Said, 'No, Dad. You Hold My Hand.' 'What's The Difference?
Asked The Puzzled Father.
There's A Big Difference,
Replied The Little Girl.
If I Hold Your Hand And Something Happens To Me,
Chances Are That I May Let Your Hand Go.
But If You Hold My Hand, I Know For Sure That No Matter What Happens
You Will Never Let My Hand Go.'

Boy was following a Girl.
GIRL-why r u folowin me?
BOY -you r very pretty n I think I'm in Love wid u!
GIRL-but u havnt met my frend yet.. she is prettier than me n is rite behind u.
BOY luks-dere's no 1...
GIRL-if u realy loved me u wudnt hav lukd behind...

There was a husband who daily sent his wife a rose wenevr he was out.1Day he died, still his wife recvd a rose everyday. She was shocked she asked florist he said that her husband had paid advance for her whole life. So luv some1 such that it remains 4evr....

Ek ladke ne ek ladki ko prapose kiya to ladki ne uske praposel ko thukra diya.Uska dost ye sab dekh raha tha aur dusre din
use khush dekh kar usase puchhata hai tum to khus nazar aarahe ho jabki ladki ne to tumhare praposel ko thukara diya, kya tum udas nahi ho ? to wo ladka kahta hai mai udas kyu rahu wo bhi uske liye jo mujhse pyar nahi karti,jabki mai janta hu ki maine use khoya hai jo mujhse pyar nahi karti udas to use hona chahiye tha ki usne use kho diya jo use sachcha pyar karta tha.

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