Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Love Actually

February is inarguably my favourite month in the year. As they say it a month of love and friendship. Its a time that many people choose to get married or celebrate love. 'Love' is a necessary evil or a drug that all of us can't live without. I call it evil as the pain and hurt that comes along with love is unforgettable and unmatched. It is a drug because once you are loved you would always want to be loved.

Our journey of love starts when we are born or even before we are born. Everybody around us just seem to be so in love with us when we are babies. Our need to be accepted in our society and a group of friends is our addiction to be loved by all.

So what does love actually mean in the present times? Has the definition of love changed over the years? Can one choose to fall in love with the person they want to or does love happen the old fashioned way. Love scientifically is a chemical reaction in the brain that releases some so called happy hormones that make you feel good... n blah blah blah! So does love really happen this way in today's times. I say it really does for some. It did for me. People these days choose who they want to fall in love with based on their social standing, financial background or any other fringe benefits that come along. Materialism has become the key. The question undoubtedly is love actually for love or money? It is a choice that many have started making. I have heard many say that let's face it love can't feed you only to end up in loveless marriages. But that's not the case always. An alliance may end up getting you much more than just love, if you know what I mean.

When you are courting somebody, love is all important. One feels attractive, special and beautiful. But as time passes by all these feelings tend to take a backseat, once it culminates into marriage.One tends to take love for granted. Marriages often put a pressure on relationships with societal and cultural obligations. Love somewhere gets lost in fulfilling those obligations. If it does not end in marriage an alliance generally dies its own natural death. Though some may disagree and say that there is a middle path called the 'live-in-relationship'. It's a way for some people to enjoy the best of both worlds without having to commit a lifetime to one another. Well there can't be anything wrong with that unless it's just commitment phobia in its new and modern avatar. Love and happiness coming through any door or window is sure welcome.

As much as important falling in love is, protecting and nurturing it is equally important. Love makes you feel happy and content. It takes you into a world that has no place for tensions and all you feel there is bliss. Nothing in this world should be more important than this four letter word, not ego, not land, not power and definitely not money. Whether its love for your spouse, your children, your family or a passion to serve the society, nothing should stop you from embracing it. Love actually... is irresistible.

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