Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Love Phrases

There are many ways to interpret all of the love phrases that have recently come about or been there for years. To explain to a person how they should view one is almost unfair. There may not be a "right" or "wrong" way to look at any of the thousands of wonderful little expressions put together with words to express how a person feels at the time or how one may have another feeling at a different time. These wondrous quotes of a feeling called love phrases can mean the world and sum up everything for the emotions felt at any given time or place. Or may mean absolutely nothing at another time or even bring about a negative feeling when the emotions are not in a good place for loving feelings.

Some may feel that every expression of love or the little heart felt love phrases are perfect and all mean the world to them, with all in their world being or feeling great and wonderful. While one could toss out something a simple as "love hurts" and they would totally disagree because they feel that their love is wonderful there is nothing about a good love that should EVER hurt. To them this may be true; however someone in an abusive relationship will say that love does hurt and another just in the midst of a break-up or one who has just lost someone very close may also agree. This said; love phrases mean what they mean to any person at any time and feeling any emotion be it positive or negative. It is the interpretation of love phrases that make them what they are and it is not what a person is told that they are or what they should mean to them. Make your own mind up and then believe and live it to the fullest.

Here is another one of these love phrases just as an example; "If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they are always yours. And if they don't, they never were." Look at that for a minute or two and maybe even reread it a couple of times. The first thought here is how beautiful the outcome of this little love phrase may be for giving a person in your life the freedom from you to just walk away and then come back if they really decide that being with you is what they will choose forever. Sounds pretty nice and that is agreed however; if it is looked at another couple of ways it might not be just a beautiful.

Love needs to be shared to be fulfilled by any two people and if one needs to be "let go" they were never sure in the first place and needed to see if there was anything better out there and then came to the conclusion that you are the best they can do and decided to come back. The other part of this is that they were let go and upon arriving back will stay forever. How could this be known? It may mean that this time they did not find anything better and may still continue to look. In these love phrases and so many others it is best to reflect on them in the most positive fashion so that you may then apply them to a situation and that it may help with or allow an explanation. In any situation the love phrases worked for the people who came up with them in the first place and might not match your situation, if this seems the case come up with you own or accept whatever meaning that follows what someone else said.

During courtship, a couple may serenade to each other to develop their relationship. If only these carefree times can last! With so much to do and so many commitments in life, time becomes so valuable, you and your lover might not have enough time for each other. Try using short love phrases to give encouragement and keep your bond tight during the little time or brief exchanges you have with each other.

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