Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Love And Hip Hop

A hip hop love song is like any other song out there. The only difference is that the song is rapped and not sung. Love songs have provided a great resource for the rap genre. One of the most memorable love rap songs for me is the song by the rapper LL. Cool J. called "I Need Love." That song was a smash hit when it came out and it remains many years later a classic rap love song. There are other rap love songs as well that are very popular. Snoop Dogg has a song called "Beautiful" which was a number one Billboard charts hit song.

The fact that songs of love are a part of rap music is what makes hip hop so fantastic. It shows the versatility of a genre on music that many discounted in its inception as being a fad that would not last long. There are a bunch of different types of hip-hop music such as gangster, love, conscience, club, house, chopped and screwed. To name a few. You would think with that many sub genres of hip hop that the hip hop would swallow up the love songs and lose them in its belly, but no. The love raps have been able to not only survive but thrive in rap for almost half a century. I think it mainly goes back to fact that most of the people who produce and perform rap music are men and the bulk of the people who purchase the music are women. This fact makes it easy to see why hip hop love is alive and well.

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