Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Love Conquers All

Have you ever wondered if there is any truth to the old saying that "Love Conquers All?" Have you ever been truly in love, or are you still waiting to find that special someone? Are you trying to discover whether the relationship you are in now is truly a love relationship, or if it is more shallow? The truth is, humans have an astonishing capacity for love - giving and receiving love in different ways is a very special part of being alive. If you feel like love is missing from your life, here are some ways you can truly discover that love conquers all.

Learn To Love

If you have been hurt in the past, then it might seem very difficult to fall in love with someone and actually trust him not to hurt you. What you've got to realize in cases like this is that not all men are alike, and the person you want to fall in love with now is not the same person who you loved and lost before.

Love people for who they are! Find out what is special about a person, and see whether those aspects make you feel like the guy you're considering as a partner possesses those certain qualities that really turn you into Jello. Odds are, if someone can make you feel special, you can do the same for him, and the two of you may be ideal for each other.

Don't be afraid to take it slow! When you are learning how to love, for the first time or for the ninetieth time, take the time to enjoy the process and really get to know the person.

Relax and Allow Love To Happen

Love isn't something you can force. You can never make someone love you - but you can tip the scales in your favor. While it is true that love conquers all, the force of love is a relaxed, flowing force - like a slowly moving river. It is strong, but it is peaceful. Relaxing and allowing love to grow strong roots in you will result in a lasting love.

Real Love Conquers All

Once you have real love in your life, you will discover why some people seem to have nothing but love - barely any physical possessions - yet they seem perfectly happy. This is because they have discovered the secret - that love conquers all boundaries of space, time, and physicality. They can ride the waves of life's storms with very little difficulty, and they care so deeply for each other that even major disasters only seem to bring them closer together.

When you have real, deep, lasting love in your life, you may very well discover that the same is true for you and your partner! You will never feel lonely, and you will have a deep sense of fulfillment that will last you a lifetime. Every day will feel special and sacred, and you will enjoy life more than you ever did before. If you think single life is exciting, just wait until you find that special someone - you'll discover the old saying really is true - love conquers all!
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